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Release of iPSLE 2020 Results

🥳The day has come to reveal the iPSLE results for 2020. Anxiety filled the CAMC auditorium when parents and students waited patiently for the results. Everyone felt more assured when Principal Hero began sharing the overall iPSLE results. Students cheered for their peers and smiles crept across their faces as students came forward to receive their iPSLE certificates. SISB is proud of all students who took iPSLE and we wish them many more successes! Congratulations!

Total number of candidates: 40 (PU, SV and TR campuses)

🌟47.5% scored A or A* in English
🌟57.5% scored A or A* in Maths
🌟66.7% A or A* in Science

A total of 18 students received Certificates of Outstanding Subject Performance; 4 received Certificates of Merit, and 1 student achieved a Certificate of Distinction.

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