Guiding Statement

A CHOICE SCHOOL - The Best That We Can Be.

It is our duty to develop the full potential of all students entrusted to us for their education. We strive to ensure that all students grow intellectually, physically, socially, morally and culturally, to become responsible, achieving and contributing members of the world.

We believe all students, are that unique individuals endowed with special talents and have the desire to succeed, and every student is important, and every parent a partner.

1. We provide a conducive and safe learning environment that is intercultural, international, multi-lingual and challenging for effective learning and teaching.

2. We aspire to having our students become academically able, critical thinkers, life-long learners and global citizens in a learning environment which is intercultural, international and multi-lingual in its outlook, and rigorous, creative and nurturing in its approach.

3. We nurture our students to attain a level of competency in three languages, and to equip them with information technology and life skills necessary to successfully access tertiary education in universities of their choice throughout the world.

4. We promote a healthy lifestyle through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

5. We ensure professional development for all our staff, and commit to working with parents and other stakeholders to build a strong and close-knit community.