Dear Parents,


It is indeed my honour and privilege to be invited to join the SISB family to head SISB Suvarnabhumi (SV) in 2017 .

I visited the charming school last year and watched how the dedicated staff, talented pupils and supportive parents worked in concerted efforts to put up the Disney Musical -’Annie’. It was truly an awesome and impressive performance! It does demonstrate the SISB’s spirit of Excellence! My heartiest congratulations to everyone involved! The school certainly has great potential to scale greater heights.

I strongly believe that not every child can be a scholar but each child has gifts and talents we can nurture to help him/her shine as an individual and take his/her rightful place as an active citizen in our society .

SV is committed to provide premium quality and holistic education for our precious students to develop them to become leaders of tomorrow. In line with SISB’s motto ‘Spirit of Excellence’, my dedicated staff and I are committed to ensure that SV will be a vibrant learning organization where we will witness every child and adult in the school giving their best in whatever they are assigned to do -THE BEST FROM ALL IN ALL

We will strive to develop our students in both the academic and non-academic domains:-

SV will work towards building strong fundamentals in literacy, numeracy and oracy. We hope to inspire our students to become lifelong learners, and hone their skills for leadership, innovation, research, critical thinking and problem solving.

Beyond academic excellence, we also hope to develop our students’ interests and aptitudes as well as soft skills such as communications, collaboration and cross cultural skills. Special programmes will be tailored to give our students a broad exposure to a wide repertoire of activities so that they can discover their talents and interests.

Our children will learn to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be nurtured to possess qualities such as initiative, resilience, ruggedness and independence.

Values lie at the heart of education. Our pupils will be imbued with good moral values, attitudes and attributes through our character building programmes. This will hold them in good stead for life. Parents and teachers need to work hand in hand to reinforce the values taught both at home and in school. Character development is most effective when there is steadfast partnership between home, school and the community.

Above all, we hope to stimulate our students’ curiosity, creativity and would want to see them find joy in learning. We want to help our students stay curious, ask good questions, learn and acquire relevant skills that would enable them to navigate and thrive in an increasingly complex and fast changing world!

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) will be an integral part of SV’s learning environment. ICT tools will be used to enhance our students’ learning. They will be equipped with IT skills to prepare them to ride the rapid waves of global advancement in technology.

As ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, we will work in partnership with our internal stakeholders and the community to nurture the whole child.

Teachers are our assets in delivering our curriculum and nurturing our precious students .Through a structured professional development plan, our teachers’ pedagogical skills and competence will be enhanced to empower them to maximize our children's potential.

Parents play a vital role in the education and development of our students. In fact studies by Cowan, Shearer & Sheridan (2004) have shown that ‘there are potential benefits to home school partnership e.g. Students develop better attitude towards school, improve their performance in and out of classroom, get along better with teachers and other school-based individuals and improve specific academic skills’.

I look forward to working in strong and purposeful partnership with our supportive parents to enrich our students’ educational journey.

Together we will work towards a SV which will:-

       S hine

       V ibrantly and

       S oar

       V ertically to greater heights.


With the unstinting support from all our important stakeholders:- the SISB Board, Teachers, Staff, Parents and the Community, I am sure SV will shine vibrantly through the millennium!


Yours sincerely,

Jenny Yeo

Principal, SISB Suvarnabhumi