Yes,they can. But they have to pass the internal assessment and interview

N1 Term 1 Interview Only

N1 Term 2 - K2 Basic Written Assessment + Interview( Phonics,Reading,Numbers)

P1-P5 Paper Assessment

English - Composition , Comprehension and Grammar

Math - Multiple choice and problem sum (critical thinking , Analytical thinking)

P6 Paper Assessment

English - Composition , Comprehension and Grammar

Math - Multiple Choice and problem sum (critical thinking , Analytical thinking)

Science - Multiple choice , open ended question

Y8-Y11 Paper Assessment

English - Composition, Comprehension

Math – Problem Sum

Y 12 Need IGCSE Result (At least score min. Of “C” grade for 5 subjects

Min. IGCSE result in English must be grade C above

International  teachers : Various countries. i.e. UK,USA,Canada,Singapore,South Africa,France,India

Chinese teachers : China

T.A. : Filipino,Thai

Google communities , class dojo (Only for NK) ,Email , make appointment with Academic Secretaries,

Contact book , Student led conference and Parent Teacher Conference (PTC)

No. We cater to the needs of the children. There is the CLS class (Chinese Learning Support) where

children who do not have any background in Chinese will receive extra assistance and support. There will be an

extra fee of 20,000 THB per term for this service.

No,we don’t offer CLS programme for the  NK student. For those student(s) who need extra support in Chinese,they can take extra lessons in Chinese or join Saturday Chinese classes.


NK 15 mins. a day

P1-4 ½ hr a day

P5-6 45 mins. - 1 hr+ a day

Y8 above More on project in a group

Chinese Simplified (จีนตัวย่อ)

It will not affect the learning of the Chinese language as the fluency of the language depends on home support and additional learning support for the student.

Our student can read and speak Thai well (2 times a week) and we also follow “ภาษาพาที”

No, streaming or banding only occurs during the secondary years.

Yes, we have outsourced transportation provider (Member Tour and Transport)

         You can contact them through administration office or call school bus General Manager Mr. Twich at 081-9141563 or K.Trinut 089-0791313

Yes. We have ECA (Extra Curricular Activity) from 2:45-3:45pm (NK 2.30-3.30pm)

EAS (Extra Academic Support) from 3:30-4:30pm

AA Club (Academic & Activity Club) from 3:30-4:30pm (NK Dept.)

School sports team and clubs,i.g. Basketball, Swim squad, Table tennis , Badminton , Gymnastic...

practice from 2:30 to 5:30pm