Objectives :

  1. To provide opportunities for parents to be involved with school activities.
  2. To tap on the expertise of parents for mutual benefits
  3. To foster bonding between school and families.
  4. To facilitate learning and developing of our communities.

Vilailuck Matchathikun (Hong)


Napatsawan Pateetin (Boom)

Vice-Chairwoman, Representing P5

Sriprapa Phetsri (Lek)

Secretary, Representing P4

Duangdol Leelamali (Aor)

Treasurer, Representing K1 & P6

Peerapa Tanawatpongsatorn (Nong)

Activities Coordinator, Representing K2, P3 & P5

Pornpimol Bumroongkit (Oum)

Public Relation Officer & Representing P1 & K2

Dusit Rungananchai (Pop)

Committee Member Representing N2 & K2

Shatsaran Thitisophon (Beau)

Committee Member, Representing N2

Ruksanun Jintananarumit (Por)

Committee Member, Representing N2

Krissana Tewarut (Lek)

Committee member, Representing N1 & P2

Thadakarn Thienlikid (Mimi)

Committee Member, Representing N2 & K2

Jenny Yeo


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